Elle Sauna
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Manufacturing Characteristics

1. Internal mushroom-type calling button (1 A) and receiver (1 B): the altter can be plugged into any socket up to a distance of 100 metres, for two-way cordless communication

2. Microprocessor controlled electronic panel.
  • 2A) ON-OFF-PROG functions selector with displays and leds.
  • 2B) Digital setting and displaying of temperature 
  • 2C) Digital setting of starting and stopping times over 24 hours.
  • 2D) Selector of the 9 chrome-therapy programs with digital display 

3. The user-friendly computerized control unit features unique functions and is discreetly  housed in the upper part of the easily accessible WENGE panel.

4. Entrance detail 

5. Discreetly housed special loudspeakers for sounds diffusion 

6. Interior furnishing details: heaters, bucket and ladle

7. Interior sight

8.  Sauna Italia heaters: 3 steel chambers, unique flaps to uniformly convey heat, steel trays for lava stones, stainless steel heating elements.

ELLE Sauna sweet home
“It is a pleasure to have it”
“It is a matter of pride to show it”