Manufacturing Characteristics

Microprocessor-controlled control panel. Made up of separate vertical sections for the various functions (general controls, Temperature control, time set, electronic hourglass).

Very user-friendly: just press the upper buttons to increase values, and the lower ones to decrease them. Its unique and original functions meet every possibile requirement and are at the same time extremely easy to use.

With LOGICA, temperature is detected by a computer-controlled electronic probe and is displayed on the display.
With LOGICA you can program when to turn on and off the sauna all around the clock.
Logica allows you to start the SAUNA ITALIA unit from any distance and from any telephone unit.
LOGICA controls the electronic sand-glass (personal timer) located within the sauna. 4 different persons separately using the SAUNA ITALIA booth can easily program the time they wish to stay in the sauna. The internal electronic hourglass will signal the end of the set time by means of sound signal and of a light signal appearing below each silhouette of different colour.
Logica allows, by means of a large push-button inside the sauna, to activate a sound signal both on the control panel and on the receiver placed up to 100 metres distance.
The extractable key housed on the left-hand side of LOGICA makes it possible to inhibit the program functions.
LOGICA is safe: in the most unlikely event of a breakdown of the main electronic thermostat, a manually resettable automatic thermostat will come into operation in order to break the supply circuit, should temperature reach 125°C.

Electro-mechanical control panel complete with all essential functions and safety devices.

  • Inside temperature controlling thermostat.
  • Reset button after stop at maximum safety temperature (125°C).
  • Time switch
  • Heater ON indicator.
  • Internal light luminous switch (24 V).
  • Power on indicator.

The Sauna Italia heaters
Developed on the basis of a long production experience, the SINTESI heaters have been designed and built with original and specific features. The three chambers the SINTESI heaters are made up of, enable them to work only by convection, which makes it possible to heat up in a very short time with a very low consumption while keeping the back wall and the outer bulkhead at ambient temperature. The top flaps, featuring a parabolic shape, convey the heat within the heater in a uniform manner. A steel tray for containing the lava stones is located on top of the heater. Heating is generated by a set of water-tight armoured heating elements. The SINTESI heaters are built in conformity with the strictest international safety standards.


2100W - 230V
Resistenze / Heating elements: 1 x 2100W
Dimensioni / Dimensions: LxPxA cm. 34,5x18,5x52
Peso / Weight: kg. 13,500


2800W - 230V
Resistenze / Heating elements: 2 x 1400W
Dimensioni / Dimensions: LxPxA cm. 52,5x21x52
Peso / Weight: kg. 19,500


4200W - 230V/400V
Resistenze / Heating elements: 3 x 1400W
Dimensioni / Dimensions: LxPxA cm. 52,5x21x52
Peso / Weight: kg. 20,500


5400W - 230V/400V
Resistenze / Heating elements: 3 x 1800W
Dimensioni / Dimensions: LxPxA cm. 58x29,5x52
Peso / Weight: kg. 25,500


6300W - 230V/400V
Resistenze / Heating elements: 3 x 2100W
Dimensioni / Dimensions: LxPxA cm. 58x29,5x52
Peso / Weight: kg. 27,500

Le pareti sono coibentate, poi pressate a caldo (95° di temperatura e 400 tonnellate di pressione) e creano un corpo unico tra telaio e rivestimento; sono successivamente squadrate ed in squadratura vengono ricavate le battute ed infine calibrate e preassemblate.
Essendo la porta già montata e registrata e l'impianto elettrico (stufa, quadro comandi, luce interna) già completamente montato ed alloggiato nella parete frontale, l'assemblaggio di una SAUNA ITALIA richiede pochi minuti.
SAUNA ITALIA può essere in ogni momento smontata e rimontata altrove.

SAUNA ITALIA® si differenzia sostanzialmente in tutti questi elementi. Dispone di quadro LOGICA, utilizza le stufe SINTESI ed è costruita con una particolare ed esclusiva struttura. I telai di ogni parete sono costruiti interamente in legno lamellare, materiale prodotto con lavorazioni lunghe e complesse che lo rendono indeformabile alle più forti sollecitazioni termiche.
Electronic sand-glass (personal timer)

Internal mushroom-type calling button