A newly designed beauty therapy unit, patented, which combines infrared rays with steam and aroma-therapy.

Technical details

A user-friendly sophisticated microprocessorcontrolled control unit manages all SLIM UP® BIG STEAM functions

Displaying programmes

SLIM UP® BIG STEAM features 5 automatic work programmes which alternate and combine the operation of infrared rays, steam and aromatherapy (with the opportunity to select  3 different aromas) and 3 functions for the manual selection of IR, steam and aromas.
Setting the work programmesOnly 3 push-buttons, along with a complete and immediate response of the back-lit
alphanumerical display, make it possible to easily select all functions.
Displaying aroma stockThree LED dedicated to the three aroma tanks show when aromas  are going to be used up.
Displaying water stockA LED shows when the water tank is going to be used up.
OperationBoth manual and controlled by SLIM UP® TOP CARD (SLIM UP TOP CENTER®)

Tecnical specificationsPower voltage: 230 V~Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz Absorbed power: 3000 W Class I appliance Continuous function appliance Sectioning and cutout by switch high-sensitivity residual current circuit breaker

The manufacturer reserves the right to make modification to products to improve