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Total Body System

HELMET WITH IN-BUILT HEADREST for sequential treatment of the face (chin, cheeks, forehead, front and back of neck. Front and back of neck with SEA WAVE System). The headrest has 6 outlets for a correspondent number of sectors in the helmet, as well as a system for immediate connection to the machine (RAPID-AIR).

The ARM PIECE has 7 SEA WAVE System sectors, for the sequential treatment of the upper limbs, as well as an in-built palm-piece for laying one's hand on, so that pressure is applied onto the palm only thus avoiding lateral compression.

The particular configuration of the arm-piece with the in-built palm-piece, enables an uninterrupted treatment of the limb, from the hand all the way to the top of the shoulder. The arm-piece has a system for immediate connection to the machine (RAPID-AIR).

FASTENING PIECES FOR THE LOWER LIMBS, HIPS AND GROIN Two leg-pieces, two thigh-pieces, two inguinal pressure-pads as well as a corset for treating hips and buttocks are housed into a practical pocket. Each leg-piece includes 4 SEA WAVE System sectors and an arch support consisting of a sole in self-moulding material, one rigid shaped sole and an air-chamber. Designed in such a way as to always apply pressure from under the foot, never from the sides.
Pressure is applied from the sole of the foot all along the leg without interruptions. The thigh-piece makes it possible to adjust the leg-piece extension in such a way as to adapt to the different lengths of the limbs. The anatomically designed inguinal pressure-pad enables a perfect lymphodrainage of the inguinal area.
The corset for hips and buttocks is unified and is composed of two SEA WAVE System sectors. The entire corset is housed in a handy pouch, connected to the machine with a quick coupling system (RAPID-AIR). All three corset-sections are produced with a double pipe system, a patented pneumatic system which guarantees absolute precisionof applied pressure.

SEA WAVE is a system made up of overlapping segments: each of these is sequentially inflated before the previous one is totally deflated.
This enables a selective and progressive pressure without interruptions.


The PERFECTA TOTAL BODY system includes:
PERFECTA the machine which produces and controls the pressure.

PERSONAL K•E•Y• can electronic key for the storage of programmes (with personalized card).

RAPID-AIR an electropneumatic device integrated with the machine and the body-sleeves for the three areas, for immediate connection and disconnection.

CAR-GO the unit which supports the machine and provides tidy storage space for the inflating body sleeves.

Generator equipment controlled by microcontroller with 8 independent sections, 8 electronic pressure transducers and 16 solenoid valves. Each section has 2 solenoid valves (one for pressurization, one for discharge) and a temperature-compensated electronic pressure transducer, which allows independent, absolutely accurate pressure regulation. The pressure is generated by a powerful soundproofed dry-state vane-type rotary compressor.

The appliance has 13 automatic programmes which have already been specially set and stored (10 for treating the legs, 2 for the arms, and 1 for the face and neck). All appropriate parameters in the programmes stored can however easily be modified. Each section in every programme can be switched to pressure hold mode. There is also an empty programme which allows the user to build up any type of sequence for any treatment. With the 0 (zero) programme, the user can set all parameters ( number of sections, section sequence, pressures and pauses ) as required.


PERSONAL K•E•Y•An electronic key makes it possible to store any program, either automatic or customized. It is then possible to code a particular treatment for any patient and activate it by simply inserting the key.


Each group of body sleeves is connected to the machine by means of a state of the art snap coupling (RAPID-AIR) allowing immediate connection for the use of the various parts (legs, arms and head) without any complicated or unreliable manoeuvres. Each connector is equipped with a system of sensors that identify the type of body sleeve connected and thus avoid any operator errors.


CAR-GO TROLLEYSpecial trolley to carry the PERFECTA TOTAL BODY and provide tidy storage space for all the body sleeves supplied. Specially designed to take the machine and to provide RATIONAL, CONVENIENT, TIDY storage space for all the body sleeves, it has three storage areas:


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