a latest-generation machine occupying only half a square metre.


Slim Up® has three different electrostimulation programs that should be chosen based on the individual requirements of each case:

TONE program: in individuals with prevalent problems of muscular hypotonia will be select program n°1 Tone with duty cycle 1:1 (1 sec of stimulation and 1 of rest).

SLIM program: in patients with preserved muscle tropism and the presence of only fat will be select program n° 2 Slim with duty cycle 1:1 (1 sec of stimulation and 1 of rest).

TOTAL program: in the most frequent case of adiposity associated with muscular hypotonia may be used the program Total in which the duty cycle varies periodically between 2:1 and 1:1.

The frequencies of the pulse trains have also been appropriately adapted to the type of muscular work to prevent the occurrence of effort phenomena. We have chosen low frequency (40 Hz) for duty cycle 2:1 and frequencies around 75 Hz for duty cycle 1:1.

SLIM UP METHOD FOR LOCALISED SLIMMING AND TONE-UPAchieving and maintaining good physical shape is very important today.
The reasons for this are not only aesthetic, but also involve health aspects.
Alongside the more evidently pathological ailments, an increasingly larger number of 
people need to contrast a gradual tendency towards obesity, to correct slightly excess
weight, to reacquire muscular flexibility and strength and to model the shape of their
bodies, restoring tone and tension to the skin.

Each of these people must be considered individually and provided with a personalised 
programme able to exploit more than one instrument according to their individual
characteristics. What are the indications to be assessed from time to time in order to 
choose the best possible synergy between the various methods of treatment at disposal? 
A complete range of symptoms can be summed up as follows:


Each of these pointers must be assessed individually and examined in depth in order
to choose the correct therapy.