BEAUTY SLIM UP®   ULTRA is infrared,
is ultrasound,
is electro stimulation,
... is ULTRA!

How does

SLIM UP® ULTRA is infrared
The heart of Slim UP® ULTRA is based on
6 sources of infrared rays with
wave lengths selected from those
with the power to penetrate the
skin barrier and to act at a depth
most useful to the beautician, i.e. the depth at which cellulite and fat cells accumulate. Thanks to the infrared rays, which raise the temperature in these areas, the metabolism of the fatty tissue is consistently increased for prolonged periods. This achieves a reducing action on fat accumulations and sculpts the silhouette.

The beneficial effects of the infrared rays are numerous: faster lymphatic drainage; improved tissue oxygenation and nutrition; regenerating, healing and anti-age effect on the skin; improved penetration of cosmetic products; muscle relaxing and pain relief action as well as a marked improvement in mood. These actions extend the rays' field of action to the problem of cellulite in all of its various forms and to that of toning the skin and stimulating superficial and deep circulation.

This wide selection of functions is joined by two other types of energy, which make Slim UP® ULTRA unique in its kind in terms of potential and versatility: ultrasound and electro stimulation.

SLIM UP® ULTRA is ultrasound The 20 high power ultrasound sources of Slim UP® ULTRA ensure high impact action. Ultrasound waves are basically generated by vibrations, well-known in medical practice, which in the form of ultrasound waves penetrate biological tissue, releasing part of their energy and generating an increase in temperature, vibration of the penetrated particles and modification of cellular permeability. In Slim UP® ULTRA these effects are used to dramatically increase the effect of the infrared rays on localised fat. In fact the increase in local temperature intensifies the above described action of the rays, but with the addition of a "cavitation" effect (direct destruction through the explosion of liquid micro-bubbles) and a "permeabilising" effect on the fat cell membrane.

The beauty therapy effects of the ultrasound waves are not limited to lipolysis, but also include: fibrolysis, or the reduction of the widespread connective fibres of advanced cellulite and the accumulation of localised fibroadiposity, which is very difficult to treat; capillarizing, oxygenating and detoxification action; analgesic (pain relief) and myorelaxant action; facilitated absorption of cosmetic products through the skin; lastly, ultrasound waves activate fibroblasts, which are important in tissue regeneration and skin tone.

SLIM UP® ULTRA is electro stimulation The 16 adhesive electrodes for the Slim UP® ULTRA electro stimulation function complete the series of global treatments for a more beautiful body. Modulated, bidirectional square wave current maintains and improves tone even in the most difficult areas; the use of specific frequencies and programs developed using the most recent research in this sector, makes it possible to work on large, deep muscle groups for shaping the silhouette, as well as on the very the thin superficial and subcutaneous muscle groups, for improving the loose skin tone.

The analgesic and myorelaxing effect of the infrared rays and ultrasound waves make the Slim UP® ULTRA current very gentle and imperceptible, eliminating any and all discomfort during treatment. The precise, rational association of several synergetic actions makes it possible to concretely deal with fat and cellulite, by improving skin tone, harmoniously shaping the silhouette and treating the main body imperfections.

Face-body hand piece ULTRASOUND

The face-body hand piece takes advantage of the emission of superficial ultrasound waves at 3 Mhz capable of concentrating the well-known stimulating trophic fibroblast activating effects on the skin layers.

However, it particularly favours the diffusion of active substances through the use of specifically formulated gels: tonic and revitalising cosmetic ingredients are used in the anti-age face treatment, but also in the treatment of particular areas of the body, like sagging skin on the inner thigh, arms, belly and breast areas.



The face hand piece which combines a high intensity white light with electro stimulation is reserved to face-rejuvenating, for toning and biostimulating trophic cutaneous effects. On one hand, the extremely gentle electro stimulating frequency performs face gymnastics to restore consistency at the deep muscular level, on the other white light contributes pure energy to the skin.

The light is supplied by the latest in LED technology: high density and high luminosity, athermic LEDs which mix three frequency bands with progressively deeper penetration in the blue, green and red spectrums. The energy which this luminous band brings into the skin stimulates skin cell production, fibroblast activity and the production of structural connective fibres, it fosters greater recovery of skin moisture and normalisation of micro-circulation, as it perfectly integrates typically rejuvenating, anti-oxidising, smoothing, elasticizing and skin lightening activity with deep muscle firming and toning effects


SLIM Program A program which integrates infrared, ultrasound and electro stimulation, aimed at slimming in the presence of cellulite, in general, and cellulite with widespread or localised fat, in particular. The use of electro stimulating frequencies aimed at the fast fibres works without hypertrophying the muscle structure. The ultrasound phase decisively enhances the effect of the infrared rays in the areas richest in fat.

TONE Program A program which synergises infrared rays and electro stimulation to obtain improved muscle and skin tone (for example after rapid weight loss or due to a sedentary lifestyle) and for cellulite dominated by a loss of skin suppleness. The electro stimulation causes prolonged contractions at frequencies directed mostly on slow and intermediate fibres, resulting in a rapid effect on muscle volumes and on tissue tone.

MODEL Program A program based on infrared rays, ultrasound and electro stimulation. The mobilisation of the muscles occurs in two frequencies at medium-low and medium-high frequencies, to more widely act on all types of fibre and to promote both a toning and a slimming effect. Ultrasound, in synergy with infrared rays, actively promotes fat reduction. Therefore it is a program useful in mixed situations, in which both a reducing and a shaping effect are required, as in the case of cellulite conditions with loss of tone or presence of fat, or in the case of long term cellulite conditions with a surplus of connective fibres and sagging.

MASS Program An infrared rays-electro stimulation program which, in the electro stimulation phase prevalently activates the slow and intermediate muscle fibres with maximum, prolonged contractions, thus causing rapid hypertrophying and an increase in targeted volumes. This program is preferred in the treatment of large muscles (loss of tone in the buttocks, relaxed abdominals, shaping and strengthening of the shoulders) when the goal is to globally tone or balance body parts which are not homogeneous.

LIPOCELL Program Uses the synergy between infrared rays, ultrasound and electro stimulation. It uses the intensity of light current and very low frequencies which are especially indicated in the capillarization, in improving micro-circulation and drainage. Ultrasound waves are also very delicate with uses that are purely trophic, capillarizing and restructuring. Therefore it is mainly used in the initial phases of cellulite, in cellulite with initial formation of fat and in lymphedematous cellulite. It is also helpful in the case of sluggish circulation.

FIBROCELL Program A program which integrates infrared rays, ultrasound and electro stimulation to actively intervene on forms of old, persistent cellulite which has slowly accumulated connective fibres which make the tissue fibrous and lacking in resilience. It uses the fibrolytic effect of ultrasound waves and is therefore also indicated in scar-like reactive forms following liposculpture or lecithin treatments.

MEGASLIM Program A program which uses ultrasound-infrared synergy, with two complete phases dedicated to ultrasound. It is the most powerful memory resident lipolytic and fibrolytic treatment and is therefore indicated in cases of particularly accentuated adiposity and conditions characterised by well delimited but very fibrous and confined, like trochanteric pads, rolls of fat under the buttocks and "love handles".