Perfecta Total Body

is a device that allows you to treat specifically all the body parts which can benefit from a pressotherapy perfectly respectful of human physiology.

meets the market's need for a single system for easy treatment of all parts of the body.
"simply unique"

PERFECTA TOTAL BODY® IS EASYThe unit has 13 selected and stored automatic programs (10 for treatment of lower limbs, 2 for treatment of upper  limbs, 1 for treatment of face, front and back of neck). The stored programs can easily be modified by varying the convenient parameters. Each sector of any program may have a "locked up" pressure.

PERFECTA TOTAL BODY® IS VERSATILEThere is one free 0 (zero) program available which makes it possible to build any type of sequence for any possible therapy. With the 0 program, all parameters (number of sectors, sector sequence, pressure and pause values) may be varied at will.

PERFECTA TOTAL BODY® IS FUNCTIONALAn electronic key makes it possible to store any program, either automatic or customized. It's then possible to code a particular treatment for any patient and activate it by simply inserting the key.

PERFECTA TOTAL BODY® IS SAFEEach program is only enabled to operate on the part of the body for which it is intended and has individual limits for maximum pressure. One general electro-mechanical pressure-switch acts as an additional safety device.

PERFECTA TOTAL BODY® IS IMMEDIATEThe sectors of the different fastening pieces are numbered: the numbers corresponding to the sectors under pressure will light up on the diagram on the control panel according to the sequence selected.

PERFECTA TOTAL BODY® IS RAPIDEach group of fastening pieces can be connected to the machine by means of a state-of-the-art quick- connection system ( RAPID-AIR ) for using the various groups ( lower limbs, arm-pieces, helmet ) without complicated and unreliable procedures.