with Kneipp path


EMY PLUS features 9
preset programs
So, you will find a proposal for each kind of physical condition and personal disposition.

A series of water rainshowers at different heights and different directions allow to wrap the body in various ways.

A soft rainshower may come from the top, and the water may be nebulized in thin perfumed veils.

All senses are involved: by touch you will feel the water caressing you or massaging you, with various intensities and variable temperatures.

The sense of smell is stimulated in a persuasive and tonifying manner, according to the chosen program, indeed, according to the different

moment of each single program. So the beneficial effect of aromatherapy joins.

The gradations of the different colours vary in each single phase of the programs, according to the chrometherapy standards to improve the

psychophysical wellbeing. The colours that "fill" you are in perfect harmony with the aromas functions and water sensations.

  1. "Winged feet" ideal program to reduce feet and ankles, or to prepare for a long night out.
  2. "Sprint" to boost the blood circulation and help the body's thermoregulation.
  3. "Butterfly" to promote agility, throughout the whole body.
  4. "Fresh summer" is a refreshing program, it will also help you to better stand high temperatures.
  5. "Worm winter" to peacefully face a harsh winter.
  6. "Good morning" to facilitate a gentle transition from sleep to awakening.
  7. "Nice evening" to make you forget all day worries and to promote a excellent quality sleep.
  8. "Aphrodite" to create an atmosphere of joyful expectation within you, helping turning on eros and romance.
  9. "Play defence" to support defences of your body in its fight against seasonal flus.