WELLNESS Multi-function
All around,
and aromas

All around, sounds, lights and aromas.
Allow the body to abandon itself to dreaming and relaxing. The perfume in the air recalls a wellness hardly ever experienced. On the horizon, delicate coloured lights accompany me, in the environment discreet and alluring sounds. I have returned here many times to relive this feeling.
For thousands of years we have heard of the pleasures of the sauna. People have always sought very careful, gentle and natural methods and systems for achieving inner harmony, for living moments of wellness in the body and mind.
In the sauna, I rediscover that primitive intimacy that enables me to relax my mind and provide the body with deep purification. The dry heat that surrounds me, the strong and intense smell of wood reawakens within me strong sensations and I feel deeply purified. In the sauna for the mind, in the sauna for the body, in the heat of the sauna, the pleasure of feeling good with yourself, the pleasure of feeling good with others.

a mirror, lights and colours
natural aromas and music