WELLNESS The Steam Bath Sophisticated
but very simple,
A Steam bath for everyone

Sophisticated but very simple, untiring companion. For pure and perfumed steam with active aromas. A sturdy but delicate Turkish bath, in a cloud of steam for unforgettable moments.

The Steam Bath is really a great pleasure: hot, damp, all-embracing. A great cloud of steam that accompanies me, that embraces me and makes treatment softer and more intimate. I shall remember it with pleasure for a long time.
I can only just make out the outlines of the other people close to me, I already feel steeped in wellness and caressed by a thousand natural aromatherapy essences.

A word comes to mind and then escapes in the steam before I understand. What is it I want to ask you…?
But it doesn't matter. The main thing is that you are there. Meanwhile I'll take a good shower and freshen up a little.