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General features

Active saline solution -20 phials of 10 ml Sea water eases electrical impulse transmission, lowering skin resistance and improving conductivity. As a result, electrostimulation further contracts the muscles and soothes irritation during treatment. The caffeine and guaranà have a slimming effect with the horse-chestnut toning and protecting the microcirculatory system while the glucosamine hydrates and restores.

Slimming gel - 250ml A balance of active fat-reducing ingredients (green tea xanthine, caffeine, ivy extract, organic bladder-wrack iodine and hydriodic tea extract) with toning and detoxifying agents (centella asiatica/gotu kola and horse-chestnut). The product can be easily and uniformly applied and is rapidly absorbed. It has genuine slimming effects on localized and diffused fat, with a marked effect on cellulite's microcirculatory deficit.

Toning gel -250ml Combination of extracts of chinchona and guaranà with added menthol. The product is applied with ease and uniformity, penetrating rapidly. It has a marked firming effect, visibly improving the appearance of relaxed and flaccid skin. The astringent and refreshing menthol action is synergized by the active chinchona and guaranà extracts that tackle mild cellulite and loss of skin tone..

Slimming treatment
12 phials of 8 ml + 1 can of 200 ml
It is an intensive home treatment adapted for the whole body with a slimming, firming and shaping effect which enhances the benefits of beauty salon treatments.

Firming treatment
2 cans of 200 ml
This is an intensive home treatment for the whole body with a firming and elasticizing effect, which enhances the benefits of beauty salon treatments.