BEAUTY SLIM UP®   MUST A beauty therapy unit which uses infrared radiations combined with electro-stimulation

How does

"A sophisticated easy-to-use control unit, managed by microprocessors,
controls all Slim UP® Must the functions."
Infra-red control section
The heat effect on the derma is obtained by a system of infra-red lamps housed in an appliance, the distance of which from the couch is electronically adjustable. The mobile trolley permits selecting the part of the body on which to concentrate the action. Lamp positioning is specially designed to ensure the uniform penetration of the rays. Radiation intensity and duration are controlled by a sensor and a timer.

Muscle-skin stimulation section
8 channels, adjustable in intensity, with rectangular waves.
5 different treatment programs:

  • SLIM - Slimming and lipolytic
  • TONE - Toning and firming
  • MODEL - Shaping
  • LIPOCELL - Lipolytic effect and the multi-factor treatment of cellulite
  • MASS - Increasing muscular volume
These programmes are multi-phase. That is, they begin with a warm-up phase, followed by a cooling down phase for an optimal stimulation of the muscles at issue. During these phases the unit automatically selects different frequencies, different pulse widths, different contraction and recovery times according to the specific programmes. Stimulation is obtained by means of current generators which can be adjusted by encoder controlled knobs with 1 mA steps; the electrical current is displayed onto 2 displays which indicate the mAs supplied to each single output.

Face toner section
1 channel for face exercising with sinusoidal wave 7500 Hz modulated to 75 Hz, adjustable duration, intensity, pulse time and interval.