BEAUTY SLIM UP®   STATION This is a newly designed unit for beauty parlours to take care of your customer step by step

How it works

Using just one finger,  SLIM UP® STATION can be used to enter the client's personal data, job, exercising activities, morphological characteristics, and take body measurements such as weight, height, impedance and measurements of circumferences at "critical points" like shoulders, hips, tummy and thighs. On the basis of the data entered and read, the appliance automatically produces a customised program of treatments to be performed on the other SLIM UP® TOP CENTER machines, with which it communicates by means of the transponder Slim UP® TOP CARD it prints a detailed report for the client and links up to the SAUNA ITALIA®  server to request and receive a customised diet for the client drawn up by SAUNA ITALIA® dieticians.

From the main menu, the following sections can be accessed:

l new client data entering path permits:
- Enter the customer's personal data;
- select her/his profession among the ones included in the list;
- select the type of physical exercise performed and enter the number of hours per week;
- select her/his physical morphology: mesomorphic, endomorphic or ectomorphic;
- select any current disease; the unit will check for any contra-indications to the use of the various units in which case, it will eliminate them from the cycle of treatments;

PHOTOGRAPHPicture of the customer's face, used for a better identification in the personal file;

HEIGHTHeight measurement: this is done by lowering the meter until it touches the customer's head; the unit will detect the data electronically;

CIRCUMFERENCESMeasurement of circumferences of shoulders, chest, waistline, tummy, hips and thighs, by using the tape included in the meter (circumference measurer), the unit will detect circumference and height electronically; a comparison is made between the customer's measurements and the measurements of a hypothetical ideal silhouette, with any relevant explanations to be given to the customer;

WEIGHTElectronic detection of customer's weight;

IMPEDANCEDetection of the body impedance data by means of the contacts existing on the scale (left foot) and on the top of the unit (right hand);

BLEMISHES- select, out of the list which is displayed, any blemishes that the customer has and specify their location;

Slim UP® STATION gives:

the unit processes the data detected so far and displays a customer profile with the indication of her/his ideal weight;

- TREATMENT CYCLE: the custom-made cycle of treatments is suggested in a very detailed way: the programme to be used as well as the correct positioning of electrodes, according to the various applications, for the Slim UP® MUST ;

the programme to be used according to the various applications for the Slim UP® DRAIN the programme to be used according to the various applications the Slim UP® STEAM;

the Slim UP® STATION itself indicates when the intermediate and final checks shall be performed; you may also explain, by means of images and texts appearing on screen, the various treatments

- ADVICE ON DIET: some general advice for a correct diet is given and, only when necessary, it is recommended to contact SAUNA ITALIA®'s dietician (either by e-mail, using the unit itself, or by fax) who, on the basis of the data received will recommend a specific diet;

- ADVICE ON PHYSICAL EXERCISE: some free exercises are recommended according to the customer's specific requirements; this training is displayed on screen and may be shown directly to the customer for a full understanding of the exercise;


- ESTABLISHING THE PRICE AMOUNT: the overall cost of the treatment cycle is displayed, with some possible variations;

- PRINTS: now you can print a cost estimate for the entire treatment cycle, or, if the customer has already made up her/his mind to go ahead with the cycle, all data so far entered may be printed along with the results generated by the unit, including advice on diet and physical exercise;

- STORIND DATA ON THE SLIM UP® TOP CARD: This is the area where all data are recorded: photographs, measurements of the single customers, the cycle of treatments to be still performed or that have been performed in the past.

This is the area where all data are recorded: photographs, measurements of the single customers, the cycle of treatments to be still performed or that have been performed in the past.

Section dedicated to link up with SAUNA ITALIA® reserved services, including targeted diet requests for individual clients sent to authorised dieticians.

This area makes it possible to listen to pieces of music previously stored in the unit, exactly like a juke-box;


This area permits reading the already-registered TOP CARD's to check the progress of the treatment cycle by calling up the client's card, or to program a TOP CARD ad hoc, freely selecting the treatments to be entered.


Area reserved for the beauty centre, for entering the centre's data, to be automatically printed on each print-out of estimates and client contracts by SLIM UP® STATION. In this section, the cost of each treatment can be entered so SLIM UP® STATION can automatically calculate the total cost of the required treatment cycle.