BEAUTY SLIM UP®   STEAM A newly designed
beauty therapy unit,
patented, which combines
infrared rays
with steam  
and aroma-therapy

How does

Electronic control unit



Displaying programmes
SLIM UP® STEAM features 5 automatic work programmes which alternate and combine the operation of infrared rays, steam and aromatherapy (with the opportunity to select 3 different aromas) and 3 functions for the manual selection of IR, steam and aromas.

Setting the work programmes
Only 3 push-buttons, along with a complete and immediate response of the back-lit alphanumerical display, make it possible to easily select all functions.


Independent of the water system

With its two inlet and drainage tanks, SLIM UP® STEAM is
absolutely independent of the water supply system

SLIM UP® STEAM is a beauty appliance with operation based on two beneficial elements, heat and steam, to obtain a vein tonifying, firming, reducing and slimming effect.



- Lipolytic or fat reducing effect, in other words a beneficial effect on excess fat and obesity, since it stimulates local metabolism thanks to the heat which penetrates deeper in the body by means of the infrared rays, than it does with other methods
- Beneficial effect on cellulite due to increased circulation, capillarisation, oxygenation, local nutrition, detoxification, vascular gymnastics and to the lipolytic effect
- Better penetration of cosmetic products due to the increased micro-circulation and to the reduction of the skin electrical barrier
- Detoxifying or detoxicant effect due to increased perspiration and the elimination of drugs, toxins, pollutants etc.
- Stimulating effect on the immune system and on antiviral defenses
- Analgesic and pain-killing effect
- Muscle relaxing and soothing effect
- Relaxing effect

Vaporization and aroma
- Better absorption of aromas which are conveyed by steam through sweat glands which are activated at their most and through sebaceous glands which are freed from sebum
-Vessel toning, reducing and firming effect due to the nature of aromatic active principles