BEAUTY SLIM UP®   MUST A beauty therapy unit which uses infrared radiations combined with electro-stimulation

Slim Up® Must

is a newly designed beauty therapy unit, occupying only half a square metre and It can be located in any booth, can be adapted to any couch and can be moved anywhere

SLIM UP® MUST offers a concrete solution to the cellulite problem. SLIM UP® MUST features a face section for treating face muscles, which uses a specially soft sinusoidal wave as well as a special patented hand-piece for firming and lifting the thin muscles of the face. SLIM UP® MUSTis the result of a research, design and testing work which has checked all medical, technical and regulatory aspects also by means of scientific studies.




Reading the SLIM UP® TOP CARD
SLIM UP® MUST includes a transponder uploading system for the SLIM UP® TOP CARD in which the treatments recorded by SLIM UP® STATION, are stored; after been performed, they are automatically taken off the SLIM UP® TOP CARD.

SLIM UP® MUST has a special active handpiece, patented, for firming the face muscles.