BEAUTY Beauty Total Solution The Hi-tech device
for treatment
of face, décolleté
and body!
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BTS Beauty Total Solution

Hi-tech equipment based on latest generation technologies to treat the imperfections of: face, décolleté and body. Equipped with three face and body handpieces that can act in synergy by delivering different active energies and an electromyostimulation section for the body. According to the area to be treated, modalities, duration, intensity and type of intervention are selected, to work in a targeted way and obtain a synergistic increase in the effects.

Face and décolleté treatments

Hyperthermic radiofrequency - Bipolar resistant
The technique allows an immediate "lifting" effect of the skin thanks to the reorganization of the connective fibers; this rapid effect will be followed by a more lasting one of neofibrillogenesis, with permanent production of new connective tissue. This allows a remodeling of the shapes, a recovery of the skin tone, the reduction of sagging folds, an overall rehydration.

Pulsed radiofrequency - Bipolar resistive
The radiofrequency emission occurs in a pulsed way, allowing you to work even superficially and in delicate areas or in sensitive parts.

Matrix RF - Resistive hyperthermic radiofrequency with emission points matrix
The particular "column" emission of energy is exploited to work especially at the epidermal level, concentrating the action on superficial imperfections. Micro-roughness, pigment spots, skin impurities, dilated pores, post-acne scars benefit from the treatment.

It helps the absorption of antioxidant, lightening, anti-acne, anti-aging, moisturizing substances, synergizing the action of the various types of radiofrequency chosen.

Matrix RF
Trattamento mirato alla risoluzione di problematiche di rilassamento cutaneo importante. La particolare geometria dell’elettrodo e la tipologia di emissione riescono ad evocare un effetto microneedling, molto efficace a livello profondo delle strutture collageniche e dei Fibroblasti. Grazie infatti al segnale frazionato ed alla matrice di emissione dell’energia, si riesce a concentrare l’energia a livelli profondi del derma evocando quindi significativi ed immediati effetti di ristrutturazione della pelle, stimolando anche una importante azione ossigenante e rigenerante.

Body treatments

Hyperthermic radiofrequency - Resistive hexapolar
The hexapolar handpiece allows to broaden and intensify the field of action for the areas of the body. The rise in dermal temperature is exploited in excess skin adiposity and in cellulite* with an increase in the adipose panniculus. The firming effects remain, thanks to the collagen and elastic neofibrillogenesis, for which application on sagging and hypotonic areas and on cellulite* with loss of tone is indicated. The improvement of microcirculation and the oxygenating, detoxifying and draining action have excellent indications in cellulite* with stasis, edema and water retention.

Pulsed radiofrequency - Resistive hexapolar
In this case, the hexapolar handpiece works more superficially and is preferred for the treatment of the so-called cellulite* in the early stages or in the presence of water retention and orange peel. Stretch marks with skin that has lost firmness are also an elective indication.

Especially in the body, where the thickness of the skin and the depth of the fat make aesthetic interventions difficult, it is important to combine the effect of targeted active ingredients that synergize the action of other physical energies. Draining, firming, lipolytic, anti-cellulite* cosmetics, etc. are indicated.

It is equipped with 8 pair of electrodes with adjustable intensity, in such a way as to allow optimal coverage of the most important muscle groups or to localize, with the appropriate electrodes, the work on specific areas of the body. The resident programs carry out various programmable activities: aerobic work to slim down, anaerobic work to strengthen and firm up, stimulation of neovascularization to oxygenate, decontracting and relaxing effect. In their development, they provide a first preparatory phase of RF of heating and relaxation, followed by real electromyostimulation that mimics the correct physiology of aesthetic training: warm-up-work-cool-down. This section is an independent operator and can work independently for all situations of loss of muscle and skin tone, in firming, in the so-called cellulite* with hollows and sagging, in the hypertrophic modeling of well-defined areas but it is ideal in association with radiofrequency and electropulsation handpieces for its boost and synergistic effect.

*: cellulite imperfections