a latest-generation machine occupying only half a square metre.

Slimming with infrared and electro-stimulation

SLIM UP is a new-concept appliance for beauty salons represented by an infra-red ray source and by an electric muscle stimulator.

Hardens, slims, models,

SLIM UP is a latest-generation machine occupying only half a square metre. It can be located in any booth, can be adapted to any couch and can be moved anywhere.

The application of infra-red rays combined with electric muscle stimulation produces a slimming action as well as the modelling and toning up of the muscles in the area.

SLIM UP thus reduces adiposity on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs and at the same time improves muscle tone, thereby providing a concrete answer to the problem of cellulite.

SLIM UP features a face section for the treating face muscles which uses a specially soft sinusoidal wave as well as a special patented hand-piece for firming and lifting the thin muscles of the faces.

PERFECT SINERGYBetween the 6 infra-red ray sources and the three different muscle stimulation programmes, with evident and fast results.

SLIMMING DOWN EFFECTSlimming down effect to reduce cushions and localised accumulation of fat.
REMODELLINGRemodelling of silhouette thanks to possibility of concentrated action on specific body areas only.
MULTIFACTOR TREATMENTMultifactor treatment of cellulite, with reducing, hardening, draining and oxygenating effect.
TONING UP ACTIONToning up and hardening action not only of all body muscles, but also skin surfaces, with special reference to the abdomen, inside of thighs, buttocks.
IDEAL INTEGRATIONIdeal integration (with I.R. appliance) with beautician treatment: pre-massage relaxation and extension of muscles, better penetration of cosmetic products, anti-stress and energising effect.

The success of SLIM UP is the result of many years of research, design and testing of all medical, technical and regulatory aspects, including by means of scientific studies.