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Slimming technologies

The winning idea of creating a perfect synergy between infra-red rays and electro-stimulation has over the years received confirmation from both the scientific world and the market, to the point that it has become a benchmark standard and the subject of numerous attempts at imitation. Innovating this idea means passing through the evolution and application of scientific research and knowledge.

Slim UP® Plus boosts the results of this treatment even further by exploiting the latest discoveries in the field of muscle physiology: the different types of muscle fibres, the frequencies best suited to stimulating muscles selectively, new insights into aesthetic training and work done alongside leading experts is the mix that leads to an innovative and effective product.

In Slim UP® Plus the effectiveness of the most penetrating infra-red band, conveyed to the body surface at a specifically studied and ideal angle, controlled by safety sensors, is confirmed by increasingly more numerous and in-depth studies; and the electro-stimulating synergy has become unparalleled.


Unparalleled as regards work power, which has been increased by about 43% and brought to maximum levels of intensity in the category, so as to allow maximum recruitment of muscle fibres without tiring the muscle.

Unparalleled as regards the reasoned extension of work programs, which follow the physiology of the muscle and the pattern of a real scientific work-out with an initial warm-up phase, followed by a work phase and finally by a gradual cool-down phase.

Unparalleled as regards the different frequencies used, to work in the most selective way on fibres that are different in terms of size, speed and metabolism. 

And finally, unparalleled as regards the possibility of working gently and painlessly even during the rest phases and also only to increase the widespread diffusion and quantity of oxygen.

But innovation and efficacy would be nothing without ease of use: today Slim UP® Plus is even easier to use: clear work programs that are easy to set and which can be controlled and modulated at any time, sector by sector, to make work pleasant, enjoyable and completely problem free.

With Slim UP® Plus, any salon, even a small one, has at disposal, in just half a square meter, a superior product that conveys a new atmosphere and a new impulse to the centre and extends the range of available treatments.The machine is suitable for an extremely broad range of applications Slim UP® Plus has shown itself to be quick and effective in university clinical studies too: from overweightness to localised slimming, from recent to old and lymphedematous cellulite, from relaxing and loss of tone to silhouette sculpting, from improvement of circulation to relaxation, from muscle capillarization to strengthening, without forgetting face gymnastics with lifting effect and perfect synergy with cosmetic type beauty treatments.

A speciale
active handpiece
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Slim Up® Plus takes up very little space