Entrancing clays, oils
and warmth: nature
regenerates your body and renews your beauty.

Thao, Professional cosmetic line

A gentle treatment for
removing exfoliating
horny layer cells.

This line's colour scheme is dominated by blue
The key group of active ingredients comprises substances capable of stimulating cellular exchange and favouring skin regeneration, including thyme, rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, retinol and vitamin E. Alongside these herbal fragrances, these products also contain centella, propolis, pollen extract, soya proteins, and corn, natural nutrients, suppleness-enhancers and toners, as well as other active substances.

Green, RELAXING-DRAINING This line is identified by restful shades of green.
The blend of active substances is dominated by soothing, calming, relaxing substances (which also act on the muscles), including valerian, camomile, lime, bisabolol, basil, melissa and others. These essences are in synergy with a whole group of vein toning, draining, detoxifying substances, such as butcher's broom, calendula, cypress, pine, citrus and Asian centella.

Yellow, SLIMMING-REDUCING This line is identified by shades of yellow.
The blend of active ingredients is dominated by lipolytic substances, including laminaria and fucus algae, organic iodine and guaranà, activated by essences which increase the blood flow and cellular exchange, such as rosemary and cinnamon. However, this reducing action does not forget the other constant beauty care need to maintain skin tone and protect the circulation, so the formulae contain a wealth of firming, nourishing, vein toning substances, such as ivy, horse chestnut, marjoram, pollen extract, camphor, etc.

Orange, SKIN REGENERATION This line's colour scheme is dominated by orange.
The key group of active ingredients comprises substances capable of enhancing cellular exchanges, chemical reactions, the metabolism, oxygenation and skin regeneration in general, including thyme, rosemary, sage and lavender. Alongside these herbal fragrances, aloe, centella and panthenol repair, restructure and give suppleness.

For each function (identified by a different colour) there is a body oil, a spray clay, a treatment gel and an active fluid for home use. In the formulation of the single products have been used natural active principles as much as possible.