Steam Bath
...elegant cloud
of steam

Steam bath for wellness center, spa

The Steam Bath is really a great pleasure: hot, damp, all-embracing.
A cloud of steam that accompaines me, that embraces me becomes a pleasant dream in the colours of chrome therapy, making treatment softer and more intimate.

I shall remember it with pleasure for a long time. I can only just make out the outlines of the other people close to me, I already feel steeped in wellness and caresses by a thousand natural aromatherapy essences.

A word comes to mind and then escapes in the steam before I understand. What is it I want to ask you...?

But it doesn't matter. The main think is that you are there. Meanwhile I'll take a good shower

2. Waterfall shower
3. Jet shower

The steam bath, hot steam and aromas that purify, stimulate and tone up for perfect relaxation. The internal shower for freshening up whenever you want.