with Kneipp path

Wellness shower

EMYPLUS, the emotional showers features a Kneipp path around the cabin.

Its function is to activate a series of stimulations on the foot sole, on the entire foot and on the ankles: A thermal stimulation, that allows a contraction reaction on the skin and on the superficial blood-vessels, by changing the temperature, with subsequent passages between a hot water and a cold water, since the alternation between the dilatation and the contraction is a real capillary gymnastic, a training for the blood circulation.

A mechanical stimulation through the feet movement that powerfully go up and down. The water massages all the reflex area of the feet. The foot steps surface has got some harshness, by improving the mechanical stimulation. The path is therefore divided in two parts: the longer one with hot water at about 38°C, and the shorter one with cold water (since the reaction of the body to cold is quicker than the reaction to the higher temperatures).

EMY PLUS is a wellbeing product that hides its own extremely advanced technology; the device is infact made by capacitive systems that are visible just when needed.

Every 9 programs have been studied for specific moments and situations: the year season, the day time, or according to specific personal needs.

The programs can be performed even in sequence. In addition to the 9 automatic programs, there is the chance to use EMY manually, by means of a remote control inside the cabin.

1 External handrail
2 Inside remote control
3 Capacitive control panel
4 Aromatherapy
5 Jet shower
6 hower – Chrome therapy – Aroma therapy