Steam Bath,

Sauna, steam bath, aromatherapy

JUNIOR generates dry heat, steam and has special essential oils available for aromatherapy. Junior is built in valuable finely treated wood. It is elegant, sturdy and serviceable. It folds up like a book and takes up very little room. Just open it and it is ready for use.

For everyone and for all ages, a sauna is a healthy gymnastics for capillaries and enables a thorough detoxification.

Beauty and health gain advantage from it: the skin becomes more shining and elastic, blood circulation regains strength, respiration improves, the organism defences are stimulated, rheumatic pains lessen or disappear.

It is an effective workout for the cardiovascular and thermoregulation systems. It has a beneficial impact on one's mood, against anxiety and strain. It combats excess weight. It is active in treating cellulitis. It enhances athletic performance. It improves the quality of life.


is an alternative and complementary practice to sauna: it activates the same action mechanisms but has resort to lower temperatures with a high moisture content.

It is particularly enjoyed by individuals who have a very dry skin and have perspiration difficulties and by those who do not like a high temperature.

By adding a few drops of essential oils to the water, the steam bath becomes AROMATHERAPY.


This is a natural system for body care which uses either aromas or essential oils.

Essential oils are among the very few substances which manage to go beyond the skin barrier and reach the deepest derma layers and internal organs, and even have an impact on people's mood and mind. Furthermore, the skin, when treated in a hot and moist environment, becomes more and more receptive to the essential oils conveyed by steam; this is the reason why the STEAM BATH is a specially relaxing and effective way of undergoing AROMATHERAPY.

The combined use of SAUNA (dry heat), STEAM BATH and AROMATHERAPY is highly agreeable and ensures excellent results