different models
of Finnish-style
saunas making up
Linea Verde
and Serie Europa

Finnish sauna

SAUNA ITALIA®'s IL BOSCO includes 10 different models of Finnish-style saunas making up:
LINEA VERDEis the home-line of Finnish-style saunas which SAUNA ITALIA® dedicates to the most refined and demanding clients. Finished off with the utmost care for details, this line features a glazing all over the door as well as the exclusive functions of the LOGICA control panel. The glazing all over the door prevents all sense of claustrophobia and the view may wander through the outside environment. The LOGICA control panel functions provide LINEA VERDE with a series of unique conveniences. LINEA VERDE is equipped with every useful accessory: sand-glass, thermometer-hygrometer, water tub, ladle, stones, head-rest. LINEA VERDE is built in Hemlock Canadian or top quality Swedish Fir. The inside furnishing (benches, head-rest, heater-protecting grid and floor) could be realized in untreated wood or finely varnished with opaque finish.

SERIE EUROPAis the line of Finnish-style saunas which combines the traditional quality of SAUNA ITALIA® with competitive prices. Featuring an elegant line, complete essential functions and accessories. The door rabbets and the outer corner finishings are obtained directly during the squaring process. SERIE EUROPA is built in top quality Swedish Fir. SERIE EUROPA is mass-prefabricated