The spa of the
third millenium

Thermal wellbeing for spa

the spa of the third millenium

The world of beauty care has entered a stage of its development in which people are increasingly aware not only of their appearance but also of the overall concept of wellness. Every personal care centre is placing more and more emphasis on the importance of health, the restoration of the right physical and mental equilibrium, and a comprehensive care programme for the client.

The treatments offered, the materials used, cosmetics - everything is increasingly oriented towards the rediscovery of beneficial energy forms such as heat and colours, and natural substances such as essences, oils, muds and wood. Even the relationship with the client is tending to become a unique experience, the search for contact and an exchange of energy in which manual treatment techniques are key.

Therma Thao® sets out to respond to these needs, with a line of products with genuine natural efficacy in their DNA. The best aromatic essences in synergy, in high concentrations, linked in working sequences which enhance their effects, passing through heat, oils, massage, clays and colours. Losing oneself in a massage, relaxing and allowing the herbal fragrances to act, steeping yourself in their perfume, rediscovering the experience of the ancient saline muds … this is what Therma Thao® this is what sets out to offer, a sensorial experience combined with the modernity and scientific prestige of a major company with a longstanding commitment to research and innovation. A unique experience, which however also aims to provide a stress-free solution to beauty care needs. So there are programmes focusing on the treatment of common beauty problems, separate beauty care lines that may also interact, with the constant objective of perfect balance and wellbeing.

Entrancing clays, oils and warmth: nature regenerates your body and renews your beauty. Therma Thao® pure sensual pleasure.