Sauna Italia,
e macchine
al servizio e per
la cura del corpo

Quality Policy

The company Dam S.r.l. produces and sells products with “Sauna Italia” brand with attention to customer needs in terms of quality, reliability, safety, promptness, punctuality and flexibility, especially in this period of commercial contingency, where quality must be one of the priorities to keep his customers and find new ones.

  • Provide a range of products and services that meets the need of Clients, favouring the building of trust towards the Company and a positive perception of its image, with an adequate quality/price ratio. This objective can be pursued on condition that all personnel are fully aware of the role they must play in relating to the Customer and of the function that belongs to them inside the Company; the Management has the utmost confidence in the personnel and in the training carried out.

  • Improve internal efficiency through a flexible organization, where all roles, functions and responsibilities of the individual figures are clearly defined both within the company and in the interface with the outside. This objective can be achieved thanks to the common will of the employees to make themselves available to the company needs, according to their abilities.

  • Provide Dam S.r.l. employees an effective and efficient internal training in relation to the role they held in the company; training that in addition to increasing professionalism, serves as a means to make the employees understand their importance within the company. This objective can be achieved thanks to a careful planning of the training that outlines objectives, means and times for their achievement.

  • Carry out the Management Review on an annual basis, where to perform the assessment of the management system and fix the objectives, whose achievement will be measured using the appropriate indicators.

  • Arrange the application of the ”process approach”, and the determination of the relative indicators, in order to identify the possible areas of improvement. Raq’s task is the definition of processes, indicators and their measurement.

  • Identify the Client’s needs and expectations in order to be able to reach full satisfaction by complying with the specifications provided; therefore, supply products and services of appropriate quality, in the times required and at an adequate cost.

  • Increase the culture of improvement and innovation of our products, processes and services so that it becomes a fundamental resource of the company.

  • Commitment in compliance with the mandatory requirements for the production of the devices for beauty, medical and wellness field.

Marco D’Angelantonio