• A newly designed patented unit for check-up; it helps you to take care of your costumer from welcoming her/him at the parlour to conceiving a costum-made program which makes use of the equipment of your

    Slim Up®  STATION generates
  • A newly designed beauty therapy unit consisting of an infrared ray source and of a muscolar electro-stimulator: to induce slimming, shaping and muscle toning
  • Heat, steam and aromas...

    Newly designed beauty therapy unit combining the thermal effect of infrared rays with the beneficial effects of steam and aromatherapy
  • New unit for total body drainage and pressomassage
  • There is pink, the colour of joy and relax, there is blue, which stands for calm and confidence. There is yellow, a symbol for wisdom and heat, and green, an expression of harmony and of spirit
  • Generated from Slim UP® STATION identifies the costumer, stores the treatment cycle, selects and activates the programmes on the single machines, detects the number and the type of past and future treatments

    Data uploading by transponder.
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