BEAUTY SLIM UP®   FACE New generation
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the treatment
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Professional face treatments equipment

 Preset programs:

Programma BIOSTIM Hyperthermic RF + RED Photobiostimulation + Electrical Stimulation
This type of treatment has been studied to have a clear increase of the cellular turnover and therefore the chance to accelerate all those physiological principles that bring to the generation of new epidermal tissue.

Programma DERMATON Electrical Stimulation + Hyperthermic RF + Vacuum + Press
This treatment protocol has been studied to obtain a strong tonifying effect of derma. The larger electrodes’ geometry permits to obtain a wider and embracing treatment of tissues. So, it is specifically applied in all treatments of collagen and all endogenous structural proteins stimulation.

Programma MIOTON Electromiostimulation
Type of treatment studied to stimulate the face muscular layer. Often, together with chronoageing of the skin it is associated a loss of vigour of the underlying muscular layer, with consequent loss of face tone and formation of folds, wrinkles and more evident relaxations. The aim of the treatment is a tonifying effect on the muscles through the stimulation of specific face points with properly studied currents.

Programma CRONO AGING Vacuum + Hyperthermic RF + IR Photobiostimulation
This treatment is suitable for all those situations where the photoageing, through the production of free radicals, causes a thickening, dehydration and ageing of the superficial layer of the skin. The synergy of the technologies allows to have a sum of effects that contribute to the maximisation of the reply and therefore the resolution of the imperfection.

This treatment has been studied to solve important problems of face and décolleté skin relaxation. The special geometry of the electrode and the type of emission manage to evoke a microneedling effect, very effective in deep level on the collagen and Fibroblasts structures, since for its physical specifications it is able to cross easily the epidermis and the surface structures of derma. In fact, thanks to the fractioned signal and the energy emission matrix, it is possible to concentrate the energy at deep levels of derma by thus evoking significant and immediate effects on skin restructuration, by also stimulating an important oxygenating and regenerating action.

Programma REBALANCE Athermal RF + Electrical Stimulation
Program addressed to the rebalancing of the physiological factors of skin. Thanks to the use of two technologies, there is a first phase totally dedicated to the ionic rebalancing of derma and thus granting a normalizing effect and a second phase of nourishment and hydration.

Programma EPISMOOTH Hyperthermic RF + Electrical Stimulation
The synergy between RF and microcurrents with vehiculating scope allows to obtain a targeted treatment to the mitigation of scar results thanks to the effects of derma shaping and thanks to the effects of the used active ingredients: antioxidants, moisturizing, tonifying. The electrodes used in this treatment can grant a gradual and widespread increase of the thermal energy, able to stimulate effective restructuring replies of derma.

Programma ACUTE ACNE Blue Photobiostimulation + Electrical Stimulation
Treatment specially targeted to the active phase of acne. With the application of this type of technology it is possible to make both an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment; in fact, by exploiting special light energy emissions some chemical reactions, able to kill the bacterium responsible of acne (Propium Bacterium Acnes) can be stimulated, and then also stimulating skin anti-inflammatory reactions through the interaction of electrical stimulation.

Programma 3D UP Hyperthermic RF + Matrix RF + Electrical Stimulation
Treatment targeted to fight the most evident face imperfections.The treatment protocol consists of 3 phases, with the use of different stimulations to better exploit the synergy of the effects.  Phase 1: medium frequency emission, microcirculation activation and collagen stimulation. Phase 2: fractional radiofrequency emission, better thermal effect and strong deep action. Phase 3: low frequency stimulation, it increases the cell metabolism and allows the use of possible active ingredients in association to increase the antioxidant effect.