• The ancient pleasure of the sauna in the shape of a sophisticated design.
  • Sophisticated but very simple, untiring companion. For pure and perfumed steam with active aromas.
  • On the horizon, delicate coloured lights accompany me, in the environment discreet and alluring sounds.
  • Wrapped in a soft white towel I stretch out on the couch. I relax even the smallest muscle, every emotion every tension, the mind grants itself rare moments.
  • Plush and endlessly-modular spaces. Perfectly aligned, the silent and sliding doors protect your things with discreet transparency.
  • The mirror unit, towel stand, magazine rack, shoe rack. Everything anyone needs. All neat and tidy.
  • The bench single or double. For talking, putting on your shoes or closing your eyes and relaxing, simply sat down.
  • I sit and then lay down; I abandon myself
    to all this...
  • There are places where everything goes beyond worldly things, where spaces are boundless, where body and mind are comfortable.
  • EMY is a wellbeing product that hides its own extremely advanced technology; the device is infact made by capacitive systems that are visible just when needed.
EMY PLUS Doccia Emozionale con percorso vascolare EMY Doccia Emozionale Il Bagno Turco Gli Specchi I Lettini, lo sgabello, la lampada La Panca singola e doppia Gli Armadietti Elemento multifunzione La Specchiera portateli, portariviste e scarpiera La Sauna Finlandese
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